Making the Case for People-based Marketing

By now, we’ve all heard that using cookies alone for ad serving and measurement is flawed – they don’t work on mobile, don’t capture the whole path to purchase and overemphasize last-click attribution. We’ve entered a new marketing reality where marketers and advertisers are quickly shifting from a reliance on cookies to using the insights from real people and real actions to make business decisions.

In our latest series of white papers, we take the concept of people-based marketing and clearly make the case for just how valuable and insightful this method of measurement is for advertisers. We explore why cookie-based measurement is misleading, explain how Atlas achieves people-based marketing and quantify how using cookies alone negatively impacts not only reach, frequency and attributed conversions, but also real business results.

Read the full white papers to learn more:
The Case for People-based Measurement and Delivery
People vs. Cookies: Quantifying Reach, Frequency and Conversion Rates with People-based Marketing