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Atlas Uncovers Link Between Online Advertising and In-Store Sales

Eyewear innovator Coastal Contacts gained a new view into online and offline results when it used Atlas to clarify multi-touch customer journeys and prove that online activities trickled down to offline activity. With over 6 million customers worldwide, Coastal Contacts is the largest online retailer for eyeglasses, contact lenses and sunglasses and uses many online advertising channels to reach its customers.


By using people-based measurement, Coastal Contacts was able to:


People-based measurement from Atlas let Coastal Contacts see a clear connection between its online advertising and its in-store sales, illuminating new paths to conversion that cookies alone could never have revealed.


Identity data gives advertisers 20/20 vision for ad serving or tracking. Atlas offers clarity into the whole picture of ad campaigns for on and offline conversions.
Braden Hoeppner, CMO at Coastal Contacts

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