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Atlas Reveals High Conversion Rates for a Niche Online Audience

Digital agency M8 specializes in helping clients deliver meaningful messages to high-value audiences. For an airline client, M8 wanted to understand if its cross-device, bilingual campaign aimed at reaching potential travelers on routes between the US and Latin America was delivering the US Hispanic affinity audience, a group of 23 million people in the US who use Facebook and are interested in Hispanic content.

Atlas helps agencies like M8 solve the cross-device problem, understand the customer journey and measure the true impact of spend through people-based marketing.

By looking at people instead of cookies alone, M8 was able to:

“We always strive to verify that we are reaching our intended high-value audience niches, but with Atlas we can prove it at an unprecedented level. Atlas even told us which publishers can deliver more of this audience at a very granular scale.”
— Jonatan Zinger, Director, Media Insights at M8

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