Universal Action Tag

Website development does not always support fast-paced media buying decisions. These days, there are many technologies which require more pixels on an advertiser’s site, for things like optimization or data collection. But implementing tags from multiple technologies on a site has never been easy: it’s time consuming, and is dependent on development cycles.

Furthermore, how do you know when the pixels you’re implementing are safe? That you understand how the data that’s being collected is used? If those technologies abide by industry best practices?

Our Universal Action Tag (UAT) program aims to solve those problems.

Universal Action Tags enable Atlas clients to add tracking pixels from ad networks, publishers, or other vendors to Atlas action tags that are already placed on advertiser websites – without needing to make changes to website code.
  • Convenience
    The UAT eliminates the need for retagging advertiser web pages to implement pixels.
  • Deduplicated Conversion Tracking
    Atlas calculates a single conversion across publishers for impressions and clicks run on approved network CPA buys, eliminating redundant cross-network or cross-channel conversions.
  • Cost Efficiency for Advertisers
    Atlas will not charge advertisers ad serving fees for CPA campaigns running on UAT Partner Networks—so you can run the millions of impressions necessary for the network to optimize, but still collect all the data you need to truly understand how your campaign is performing and apply attribution analysis.
  • Optimization
    The UAT enables effective optimization on network buys within the Atlas Media Console.
  • Safety
    All network partners have signed safe data use terms with Facebook—you can rest easy knowing that our partners are first vetted for their digital data and privacy practices.

If you'd like to become part of the UAT program, download the required evaluation forms here.

UAT Network Evaluation Template

Questions about the UAT program should be directed to:
U.S.: UATPROG@fb.com
EMEA: Advertiser account team
Asia Pacific: Advertiser account team

Profile and technical questions should be directed to:
Customer Support, U.S.: its@fb.com
Customer Support, EMEA: itsemea@fb.com
Customer Support, Asia Pacific: csupapac@fb.com

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