Data collection is only part of the strategy when it comes to successful digital marketing. The other part? What you do with the data you collect—the way you ingest the data, analyze it, and then glean actionable insights from it. That’s why we provide multiple ways for you to look at results:
  • Advanced Analytics - A full suite of Advanced Analytics reports, where we've conducted the research and developed reports specific to answering the big questions (how does search impact display? How do I better understand my sales funnel?)
  • Engagement Mapping - Industry-leading attribution measurement solution, Engagement Mapping.
  • Data Passback - And if you're eager to roll up your sleeves and crunch the numbers yourself? We can provide the raw data files for you to slice and dice to your heart’s content.

The choice is yours—we'll provide the support necessary to make sure your measurement strategy is a success.

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