Engagement Mapping

Engagement mapping

Atlas pioneered the concept of advanced attribution when it launched with Engagement Mapping in September 2008, and it continues to be a market-leading solution for actionable attribution measurement. It’s based on three simple premises:
  1. Marketers need to attribute credit to multiple sites and engagements, not just the last one.
  2. Marketers need to have the flexibility to be able to weigh the importance of influential factors such as ad size, frequency and rich media interactions in their ROI calculations.
  3. Marketers need to be able to easily adopt and transition to the new model from the old.

Unlike other attribution solutions, Engagement Mapping is simply part of our core offering—we believe attribution modeling is the best way to look at your data and make sound decisions for the best results. It's made possible by back-end technology that analyzes many factors behind the scenes, so marketers don’t have to worry about implementing additional tags for data collection or the technological aspects of managing the terabytes of data today's campaigns generate.

In an advanced attribution model, key influential factors can roll up into a very straightforward site-by-site analysis to succinctly summarize Engagement ROI. Factors that can be taken into account include frequency, ad size, recency, ad format, interaction, and order. Considering these experiential factors will enable you to learn from previous campaigns, and fine-tune your media strategy while your campaigns are still in progress. You can manage your digital media investments by channel, placement, site, media type, etc.

See the results from our case study, and join in the success of over 400 advertisers using Engagement Mapping today.

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