Efficiency Apps

Efficiency Apps

You're busy. We get that. Between trafficking ads across multiple channels and publishers, and doing so within the tight deadlines you’re given, your daily tasks can get out of control.

That's where the Atlas Media Add-in comes in for display, and the Atlas Search Desktop Tool comes in for search.

Atlas Media Add-in

This Microsoft Excel plug-in speaks directly to the Media Console via Atlas APIs. At the click of a button, you can retrieve current data from the Media Console, and make quick updates to your campaigns. You can also easily create new campaigns and ads, and make ad and audience assignments. Most media plans seem to start in Excel—now we’ve brought additional efficiency through the same tools you’re used to using.

Atlas Search Desktop Tool

With this tool, users can create large amounts of keywords a day in a simple-to-use UI that is downloaded right to your desktop. Simply import your search engine campaigns and view your keywords, ads, and URLs. Trafficking and managing massive keyword campaigns has never been easier.

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