Unveiling New Attribution Analytics for Direct Response Advertisers

Sanjay Vasdev - MSFT
Posted on 07/18/12

Digital advertising measurement has undergone a renaissance in recent years with growing adoption of alternative models of attribution beyond the Last Ad standard. To many marketers, it is a fallacy that the last engagement prior to conversion should be awarded full credit as it overlooks the influence of other touch points in cookied users’ histories that help foster awareness, consideration, and intent.

With its foray into attribution, Atlas was the pioneer in going against the grain of traditional understanding of how digital media should be remunerated. As a departure from the industry de facto measurement model, Atlas embraced a more holistic approach with Engagement Mapping: a platform-integrated system for reapportioning credits based on weighted factors. Brand advertisers found they could give more than passing recognition to larger ad sizes and more sophisticated rich media units, while Direct Response advertisers could place greater merit on variables such as Click Weight, Sequence, and Recency.

For this latter group of DR-focused marketers, Atlas debuts a brand new advanced analytics report, Click Purchase Path Analysis, supplementing its already robust suite of Engagement Mapping reports. The premise of this analysis is that examination of all active display touches in a conversion funnel is key to understanding where media engagement dwells and how its level of contribution varies according to its proximity to point-of-sale.

The Atlas Click Purchase Path Analysis offers insights into the following:

· What is the typical click path to conversion for my online consumers?

· What unique click paths exhibit greater level of abandonment?

· Which sites, placements, and creatives drive active engagement at the top and bottom of the funnel?

· What level of cross-channel behavior is observed across unique click paths?

click path picBy presenting a chronology of clicks against every component of a media plan, DR-driven marketers can create statistical models that quantify the contribution of each touch in the engagement process – as an introducer, closer, or assist. A score is computed to determine which sites, placements, and creatives are winners and losers in attribution, hence allowing spend to be optimized efficiently. The analysis itself is modeled on Atlas’s Keyword Path Analysis,which formulates a similar attribution story around paid search.

While analysts can mine huge repositories of cookie-level data to form their own inferences around optimal path to conversion, the Click Purchase Path Analysis performs this heavy lifting by aggregating performance against each unique click path into a single readable output, thereby alleviating resources on the agency side.


The Click Purchase Path Analysis is a brand new Advanced Analytics Pack (AAP) report that is now available to order through your Client Partner.

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