Atlas Providing Ad Tracking on Facebook

Geoffrey Coco - MSFT
Posted on 06/25/12

I’m happy to announce that Atlas is an approved ad tracking provider on Facebook.

This means that advertisers who use Atlas can independently track the delivery and measure the performance of the ads they place on Facebook.

Specifically, Atlas advertisers can measure impressions, clicks, and user interactions on Facebook ads, alongside the rest of their media campaigns. Atlas advertisers can now even track through to conversion on the advertiser’s webpages.

Atlas advertisers will continue to enjoy the same the measurement capabilities they’ve come to expect from Atlas across the rest of the publisher spectrum: unique reach, average frequency, day part, conversion attribution, and other advanced analyses.

Taking advantage of the program is simple: Atlas clients can simply submit Atlas tracking tags along with their creative to Facebook during trafficking. For more information please contact your Atlas account representative.

This is just another way that Microsoft Advertising is helping our advertising customers unlock the value of online media. Stay tuned for more!


Geoff Coco

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