Atlas to support Microsoft programmatic direct buying

Programmatic direct is defined as buying guaranteed media directly from a publisher in an automated way. It was developed as a way to move beyond the buying process that has existed for years: shuffling RFPs back and forth between advertiser and...
Lori GoodeLori Goode Posted on 04/14/14

Atlas Insights Series: Is device sharing a significant problem in ad delivery and measurement?

In a recent post, we explored how cookie-based reach and frequency measurement were distorted due to device proliferation and cookie churn. Now we turn to the question of device sharing, when one device and one cookie correspond to more than one...
James DaileyJames Dailey Posted on 04/07/14

Atlas Insight Series: How often do multiple cookies represent one person?

We’ve all heard that cookies are “broken” and that advertising is quickly moving to a post-cookie world. Though cookies will probably be around for some time to come, they are far from perfect as a measurement and targeting mechanism, and...
James DaileyJames Dailey Posted on 03/24/14

Atlas Partner Alliance: A New Program

As an ad serving and measurement platform, it’s critical that Atlas captures all of the relevant information advertisers need to make their marketing budgets most effective. This insight is particularly crucial as advertisers continue to invest in...
Lori GoodeLori Goode Posted on 03/04/14

Atlas Insights: Are you actually hitting your target?

Online advertising works best when the right ads are shown to the people who are likely to respond to the advertised product or service. This seems obvious, but we’ve all seen ads at some point that are either completely irrelevant of maybe even...
Rebecca SharpeRebecca Sharpe Posted on 02/18/14

Updates to Atlas Privacy Policy

Facebook acquired Atlas last year, and since then we have been outlining the direction of our business. Given this and the continuing shift to mobile, we are updating our privacy policy to reflect how Atlas can work with other companies, including...
Lori GoodeLori Goode Posted on 02/05/14

Introducing the Atlas Insights Series

The world of online advertising is complex and always changing. Against this backdrop of constant evolution, marketers are still trying to answer the most basic question: does my advertising work? At Atlas, our goal is to bring scientific rigor to...
James DaileyJames Dailey Posted on 02/04/14

New Hourly Statistics in Atlas MyReports

We’ve recently introduced new hourly statistics in reporting to evaluate campaign delivery and conversion data on a more granular level. There are multiple benefits to viewing statistics on an hourly level, including time zone reporting, Q/A, and...
Sarah HartnettSarah Hartnett Posted on 11/18/13

New Workflow Improvements for the Atlas Media Add-in

Based on feedback, we’ve introduced workflow improvements for the Atlas media add-in to increase efficiency and minimize duplicate tasks. Here is a summary of the updates: GUIDs: They have been replaced in the media add-in with commonly used...
Sarah HartnettSarah Hartnett Posted on 11/14/13

Change to Atlas Support Contact Information

Happy Autumn! Today, November 1, 2013, the Atlas Support email address in your region was updated. You can now reach Integrated Technical Support (ITS) at the following addresses: North America: Europe:...
Colleen KellyColleen Kelly Posted on 11/01/13
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