Atlas Partner Alliance

The digital ecosystem grows more complex each day. New technologies and marketer solutions are continually surfacing in disciplined channels as best-of-breed vendors, and they work consistently to remain cutting edge within their areas of expertise.

We understand that solution choice is yours—but we also want to ensure you don't lose the consistent and reliable data management and measurement you’ve come to rely on from Atlas, not to mention the ability to measure cross-channel attribution. That's why we launched the Atlas Partner Alliance (APA).

The APA program provides flexibility to accept and share data and analytics across the platforms and tools that matter to agencies and marketers. We work closely with our clients to ensure the program is extensible enough to include channels and partners they identify as best supporting their marketing needs.

Today, we have partnerships with leading vendors across rich media, dynamic creative optimization (DCO), search engine management (SEM), demand side platforms (DSP), and mobile, and we’re actively engaging across more channels and partners.

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