Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics

At Atlas, we know that data collection is paramount—but, what good is the right data without a deep understanding of that data? And further, without clear ways to action that data to increase your ROI?

We are pleased to offer a flexible, diverse collection of in-depth reports so you can tap into powerful metrics and optimize your media, creative and websites and make the smart marketing decisions you've been dreaming about.

Choose from among these analyses:
  • Creative Optimization Advisor – Optimize your placements to show the right ads in the right places.
  • Advanced Reach & Frequency Reporting – Go beyond the standard reach and frequency reports and get granular at the site, placement and creative levels.
  • Optimal Frequency Analysis – Pinpoint the frequency that delivers the highest conversion rate, and target your most profitable frequency — the best balance of efficiency and yield.
  • Conversion Funnel Analysis—Comb through a converter’s digital history and aggregate their impression and clicks by site, which provides insight into the performance of your media plan in terms of recency and order of creatives.
  • Conversion Window Analysis—Includes data from all events that occur within the click or view window for all converters—not just the last ad before conversion. See how many more conversions you would have per day if you expanded your conversion window, quantify the amount of consumer engagement occurring both within and outside of your current conversion window settings, and conduct situational analyses by increasing or decreasing your window & observing effects on current conversion reporting.
  • Time-to-Convert Analysis – Examine the impact that different conversion windows have on the number of conversions you receive. See how results would change if you adjusted your conversion window.
  • Geographic Performance Analysis – View impression, click and conversion activity by country, region or zip code. Double-check the publisher delivery of geo-targeted campaigns, or compare your online impact with your offline marketing efforts.
  • Campaign Builder – See how overlap across channels, sites and placements impacts conversion rates.
  • Daypart Performance Analysis – Measure how impressions, clicks and conversions fluctuate throughout the day to make the most of your targeting efforts.
  • Keyword Path Analysis – Uncover search behavior patterns to show which keywords drive prospects into and through your sales funnel.
  • Search & Display Synergy Analysis – Understand how your conversions get a boost when you combine display ads with your paid search and identify the best opportunities to maximize it.

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