Campaign statistics now available in Media Console UI

Have you just launched a campaign, and want to quickly check if it’s live? Want a quick glance into site delivery and pacing? If so, we’ve just launched a new feature in Atlas that’s sure to save you time.

Inline statistics are the fastest way to check your campaign and placement delivery within Atlas. With a quick look in the Media Console, you can view impression and click statistics based on a daily window or campaign-to-date. This data gives you quick insight into delivery, and allows you to uncover any issues—all without having to pull a report.

You will find impression, click, and default ad impression data on two time intervals: daily and/or campaign-to-date. We’ve also made these statistics available across several dimensions in Atlas, including aggregated at the Media Plan, by publisher/ buy, and as granular as cost package and placement.

Lori_campaign stats_shot

Fig: Shown for Media Plan

  1. Certified campaign-to-date impressions and clicks
  2. Provisional daily impressions, clicks, and default ad impressions

There are a number of reasons you may want to use this data. We recommend leveraging inline statistics to:

  1. Uncover campaign implementation errors
    • Review daily default ad impressions for unusual traffic spikes
    • Highlight ad delivery outside the scheduled start and end dates
  2. Review directional data for campaign delivery
    • Ensure pacing is aligned with publisher contract, both daily and campaign-to-date

We look forward to continuing to bring time-saving features to improve your workflow in Atlas.

-Lori Goode

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