Getting the job done in half the time!

You’ve heard the popular saying a million times; if you want it done faster and better, do it yourself. That’s why we’re elated to introduce you to an Excel Macro we’ve been using for years, but just now polished it up nice and shiny for you to use!

Introducing *drumroll please*… the Ad-Specific Redirect macro!

Please, hold all applause until the end.


The Ad-Specific Redirect macro generates view and click redirects for each ad assigned to placements on an Ad Assignment Manager (AAM) spreadsheet. Typically, these redirects are used by folks who want to embed Atlas tracking into some type of fourth-party ad. This may be you!

The macro adds two columns to the end of an AAM. The first column contains the view redirects; the second column contains the click redirects. These redirects can then be trafficked directly to the fourth-party vendor or publisher. It’s also useful for creating multi-click tracking pixels.

Now that you know (this of course, is half the battle), it’s time to go!

Access the Knowledge Base articles from Client Center to learn how to use this new Excel macro!

After you’ve learned about the Macro, download the Macro!


Karen Valentine

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