Introducing New Geo Analytics

Advertisers have long acknowledged that messaging resonates differently across regions, and often put geo performance imagegreat care into how and where their inventory is served. For example, offers and promotions may be localized to specific countries, states and DMAs. Economic and social factors also play a part in how consumers engage with advertising. Serving a mortgage offer to a population with low home-ownership would have little propensity to convert, and may be considered a waste of media dollars. For such reasons, marketers require both their ad serving platforms and publishers to target with geographic precision. From an analysis perspective, marketers want to know:

  • How is my media performing across different geo locations?
  • Are my publishers abiding by specified geo targets?

The Geographic Performance Analysis, part of the Atlas Advanced Analytics Pack (AAP), is instrumental in answering these questions. In our commitment to evolving customer needs, we’re excited to announce some great new extensions to this analysis with the introduction of weekly trending, and the ability to tie location-based performance back to media plan.

These enhancements are borne out of the following realities:

  • Geo-specific performance rarely follows a linear pattern and may exhibit peaks and declines over certain time periods
  • Aggregating performance across multiple media plans into a single analysis is an operational efficiency afforded by Atlas; but, it is also important to understand how geo performance varies across each media plan.

The new Geo Weekly Performance Analysis accommodates three additional dimensions: Week Of, Media Plan Name, and Media Plan ID. This analysis replaces its predecessor and is now available to order through your Client Partner.

Thank you,

Sanjay Vasdev

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