Announcing the Launch of a New Search Solution

We’ve been reimagining search campaign management, and the new Atlas Search is finally here and available for all Atlas clients!


We set out to build a tool that was:

  • Easy to learn,
  • Easy to use, and
  • Saved valuable time and resources

The Atlas Search Desktop Tool (ASDT) is all of those things. You can traffic up to 1mm keywords within 24 hours by simply exporting your keywords from the search engines, and then dragging and dropping the file into the tool. Click redirects are created at the click of a button and ready to upload back into the search engine. No really, it’s that simple!


OK, so the ASDT will keep traffic time to the barest minimum. But when you’re using the ASDT, you also benefit from deeper connections between search engine data and Atlas data. You’ll be able to pull search engine dimensional and fact data side-by-side with Atlas data in MyReports, giving you the ability to assess campaign, ad group, ad, keyword, and landing page performance.

We’ve also updated our Advanced Analytics reports to ensure they’re compatible with the new, simplified click redirects created in the ASDT. To leverage deeper insights into your Search performance, you can request the:


Keyword Path Analysis report to help you uncover search behavior patterns to show which keywords drive prospects into and through your sales funnel, or the

Search and Display Synergy report to understand how your conversions get a boost when you combine display ads with your paid search, and identify the best opportunities to maximize it.

Redirects created with the ASDT also weave right into your Engagement Mapping results, allowing for holisitic attribution across channels and insight into the purchase path.

What’s Next

We’ve just introduced you to solutions enabling you to efficiently traffic, track, and measure your search campaigns through a new desktop tool; however, we’ve also just released a brand new API that will support the launch of a new Search Engine Management (SEM) channel in the Atlas Technology Partner Alliance (ATPA). This Phase Two will allow you to enjoy the flexibility and control of managing paid search campaigns through an SEM, while relying on the breadth and scale of Atlas for conversion attribution and analytics.

We can’t wait to share more details on this exciting 2nd Phase. Until then, if you’d like to get on your way to efficient trafficking for search keywords backed by robust reporting and analytics, contact your Atlas representative, or visit the Atlas Client Center to learn more.



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