Audience Messaging Launches!

It’s with great excitement that Atlas officially launched Audience Messaging at the beginning of December. Audience Messaging is a brand new solution in the Media Console that enables real-time decision-making to deliver the most relevant messages to your audience.

Over the past year, we’ve been working with clients participating in the beta to continue to unlock features and places screenshot for audm capabilities for Audience Messaging, and we’ve already seen some great results that we hope to share soon.

At the very base of the solution, we’ve brought all of our long-standing targeting capabilities directly into the Media Console in a brand new, simple-to-use interface. These existing capabilities include standard audience criteria like action tag remessaging, geo location, browser type, and more. But on top of the new workflow and integration with the Media Add-in, we’ve also built additional features that are true differentiators in the marketplace. For starters, we’ve added extensive controls and flexibility for managing audiences, allowing clients to:

  • Define an audience based on multiple criteria
  • Place frequency caps for increased controls on the creative, placement/ad, and audience levels
  • Copy audiences to make adjustments, or retain base audiences to build upon
  • Share audiences to other advertisers to more closely manage messaging across campaigns
  • Set priority levels on the messaging for audiences per media placement
  • Assign ad weighting to messages

All of these features are designed to allow for complex messaging strategies, ensuring you have the right levers to maximize media effectiveness and optimize for consumer relevancy.

We’ve also introduced brand new audience criteria with Audience Messaging’s ProfilePlus. ProfilePlus allows Atlas clients to leverage Microsoft Audience Intelligence data for creating segments to use in their audiences across all their publishers and campaigns. Previously only available through Microsoft media buys, you can now add Microsoft Age and Gender profile data, as well as Search Remessaging* data to your audiences to use across Atlas campaigns. The addition of Microsoft data provides unique richness to your audiences that will augment relevancy for delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

Increasingly, we’re seeing audience data being directly managed and controlled by the agency and advertiser, and Audience Messaging enables Atlas clients to more closely manage their audiences holistically. The launch of Audience Messaging represents a big milestone for Atlas, and is the first step towards bringing more audience-focused solutions to our clients.

To learn more and get started with Audience Messaging, contact your Atlas representative.


Lori Goode

Connect with Atlas Solutions on Facebook Atlas on Facebook | Connect with Microsoft Atlas Solutions on Twitter @AtlasAdvertiser


*Search Remessaging is only available in the U.S. at this time.

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